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Hey there,

I’m Lizbon. You may know me from various shenanigans on Twitter (@Lizbon) or even from my earlier blog, Girlwich.

Backstory: I wrote a photo/life/blah blah blog called Girlwich from the early days of blogdom (circa 2004) through 2013, when it became clear that I mostly wanted to talk about bikes, and Girlwich had begun to feel like a suit of clothes that no longer quite fit the way it used to.

“For Love and Tabout_picransportation” is a phrase I use to encapsulate the way I feel about riding bicycles. It came out of my mouth one day, fully formed, to answer someone’s question about why I rode, and over the years it has become my stock answer. It seems to fit, and in much the same way, it also fits what I want to say about bicycling when I need more space than a tweet. Because I like paragraphs, too.

I won’t promise to not write about other aspects of life here, as well, but bicycling has become a central thread running through my life, and it’s hard for me to write about life without bikes coming into it in some way, or in a thousand ways.

So here we are. I still ride for love and transportation, and now I’m going to write about it, too.

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