Monthly Archives: April 2018

Daily poem, 4 april

under the sand, a dragonfly
its lurid pencil wings
becoming oyster

the sand is full of birds
but they’re microscopic
— so many layers of world.

I look into milk
are the cells white
or do they just reflect my eye

Donkey-plain, reality seems
when it’s breakfast
but everything that fits under a microscope
becomes worlds

Daily poem, 2 april

Dangling saw
an hourglass tooth
The dark drink on the table
She reaches a finger
but it doesn’t come

It smells of leopard
and ancient snow
and she goes,
shutting that door.


Note: Daily poems is a project for National Poetry Month. I’ll write one each day and post it (likely the following day). All content, as always, is ©Lizbon and may not be reprinted/reposted anywhere without express permission.